Uplifting Air Cargo Safety & Beyond

We propel global air cargo growth with cutting-edge strategies, safety, and operational excellence projects.

About Us

Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.

- Leonardo da Vinci

Our Mission

CargoSafety360° is a global state-of-the-art consulting and coaching company that aims to boost the global air cargo industry by enhancing strategies, safety risk management, operational excellence and training.

Our Value Proposition

  • Client-centric
  • Safety advocacy and awareness
  • Innovation and Efficiency
  • Ownership Integrity and Ethics
  • Operational Excellence
  • Multidisciplinary silo-less strategic integration

Our Customers

Our customers are actively engaged across the entire supply chain transport ecosystem, encompassing key stakeholders such as:

  • Airlines
  • Ground Handling Agents
  • Logistics Providers & Freight Forwarders
  • Shippers & Manufacturers
  • Academia & Training Schools

Our Services and Packages


Strategy, Risk & Business Continuity Management

Are you fostering a culture of safety within your organization? Building a strong safety culture begins with a clear mandate from leadership.

We offer a comprehensive top-down and bottom-up approach to align with your vision and mission effectively.

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Compliance & Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence means combining strategies and policies with corporate departments, systems, processes & performance meet. We work on seamless interfaces, alignments and performance.

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Aviation Training Management

CBTA Training for DGR

Aviation (safety) management relies on leadership and operational training. We build Training Management and Competency-Based Training and Assessment program for Dangerous Goods and other special cargo, compliant with IATA standards.

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Quality and Safety Audits & Inspections

Continuous improvement is essential for successful and compliant business and high customer satisfaction. Self reflection by internal audits is

key to successful external

audits and certifications


Radiation Protection

Cosmic Radiation Monitoring

We support you in establishing your radiation protection program and processes for aircrew, passengers, cargo, and ground handling entities.

We offer airlines an established system, for monitoring and reporting staff cosmic radiation exposure, recognized by Civil Aviation Authorities,

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Innovation & Digitalization

Interested in paperless air cargo shipments? We invite you to streamlines operations, minimize paper usage, and ensures swift and compliant handling of special cargo such as Dangerous Goods, Valuable &Vulnerable goods, Pharmaceuticals & Perishables.

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Supply Chain Security, High Valuable Cargo & e-Commerce

Supply Chain Security and intact shipments are highly important both commercially and operationally.

Identify e-commerce risks and apply mitigation and processes.

Learn how to secure your highly valuable/vulnerable cargo from theft and pilferage.

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ESG Environment, Social & Governance

Embark on your ESG journey with confidence and boost your interdisciplinary ESG plan.

Enhancing your corporate sustainable management will be additionally done by mapping SDG goals to your activities and CSR objectives.

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Coaching & Change Management

Extensive experience navigating highly regulated and complex aviation environments, including dealing with disruptions, has shaped our distinctive approach to aviation consulting and coaching services for our valued customers.

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Tailor-made Service Packages

Contact us to learn more about our service packages for Airlines, , forwarders, logistics providers, handling agents and shippers

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Partnership Announcement

April 22, 2024

CargoSafety360 and PCAire have partnered to enhance aviation safety!

CargoSafety360 has partnered with PCAire to support risk management and

cosmic radiation monitoring for airlines in Europe.


Contact CargoSaftey360 or PCAire Inc. for more information about our services